Sunday, 26 April 2009

Non Renewable Natural resources how much is left?

All of the following figures come from the prestigious French magazine, Internationally renowned and highly regarded by the Scientific community: Science et Vie, June 2008.
All the figures are based on proved and probable reserves and assume current consumption stays the same. Of course, both assumptions are unrealistic as more reserves may be found but since world population is expected to rise by another 30% over the next 40 years, new discoveries may be offset by a rising population's needs.

Aluminum: 131 years

Coal: 150 years

Cobalt: 112 years

Copper: 31 years

Gold: 17 years

Iron: 79 years

Lead: 22 years

Natural Gas: 64 years

Nickel: 40 years

Palladium: 15 years

Petroleum: 42 years

Platinum: 56 years

Silver: 13 years

Tin: 17 years

Uranium: 32 years

Zinc: 17 years

Conclusion: 100 years from now, the Planet will have been pillage, future generations will have nothing left to build on and our legacy to them will be a climate in which they can barely live in. That's why they politely call our mode of development unsustainable. In reality, anyone who agrees with it is either barking mad or totally ignorant. Unfortunately, the majority in this instance may be excused for total ignorance. Thank the corporations, the press and your government for that. If any of these representatives are still alive when the shit hits the fan, maybe we can get the guillotine out again for consolation and chop their heads off. Future generations are going to need a triple doze of Prozac to cope with the reality we've left for them to inherit. Smile, you're part of the developped, civilized world.


  1. tn12345qwerty@gmail.com2 March 2012 at 21:19

    right. im not a hippie, and this is true. Kill the corporationz!

  2. stopping there use is not the solution the solution is substitute the resources with either renewable or more effective ways with same or different resource

  3. i think that you are right but no killing we just need to find a way to live with renewable things.
    If we keep this up, yes the future generations cant live.

  4. Answers: Government control of world-wide birthrate. Some kind of sterilization at birth and if person qualifies, they can get unsterilized. We have to bring the population down, also green/renewable resouces need to be used. Essentially, if we don't control ourselves we will kill ourselves. Nature can't balance us out anymore, we're too smart. Religion and mysticism will be our biggest issue for survival, as ignorant people believe our fate is in a God's hands and not in our own. Religion/tradition must be over come in order t truly get our species on track for survival.

  5. thank you so much spent 12 hours searching for a site like this :)

  6. hope they use less

  7. To the person who said "wrong" above ... you're part of the problem, please step aside and leave this to the big kids with brains!