Tuesday, 28 April 2009


What is going to happen when the glaciers in Tibet melt away and India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China find themselves deprived of drinkable water?

What will happen when the Gulf Stream Ocean conveyer belt stops, an Ice age is triggered in Europe and the Amazonian rainforest burns as a result?

What are we going to do when we run out of natural reserves in the next one hundred years?

What are we going to do when carbon concentrations in the atmosphere are above 400ppm (We're at 389ppm), the level of global warming is above 2 degrees and global warming becomes self-sustaining and unstoppable?

What are we going to do when we have severe draughts, crop failures and not enough food to feed the world population?

What are we going to do if we have a Nuclear war as a result of fights over what is left of available resources on Earth?

What are we going to do if the Amazonian rainforest, home to most of the Earth's wildlife and generating 20% of the world's oxygen is either burned down or logged down?

What are we going to do when we reach peak oil and most of us can't afford to put oil in our tanks because the price is too dear?

What are we going to do when our attempts to reduce our carbon emissions result in less global dimming and the Planet warms at a faster rate?

What are we going to do when the level of global warming reaches 6 degrees and the 10,000 billion tonnes of methane trapped at the bottom of the Oceans are released in the atmosphere triggering an explosion 10,000 times greater than the World's stockpile of Nuclear weapons?

What will happen to us if the atmosphere is destroyed as a result of the release of the immense greenhouse gases trapped all over the Planet by a stable climate?

Is doing nothing about all this a viable option?

As you ponder these questions, I'm sure you'll come to the same conclusion as I: trying to do anything is futile, stick your head in the sand, do nothing and pretend everything is fine. Place your trust in the Science God whilst you keep on flying and shopping until the Earth is no more.

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